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Restaurants that I love in London

In today’s article, I’m wanting to talk about my personal favourite restaurants that you can find in London. These are of course escort friendly but personally, I love them to pieces and I want to tell you why with each one. You’ll find that this is a personal blog to me at any time a client said “where do you want to go for dinner” I always retorted with the following amazing restaurants.

Bar 61 Restaurant

If you’re looking for a mixture of bar and restaurant then you’ve definitely found the right place here as you can expect to be served Modern European cuisine that is seasonal and wondrous. They also have tapas available as well on certain nights if you’re feeling a little exotic. You’ll find that this restaurant and bar is the perfect place for you and any of the London escorts that you might wish to bring here as the architecture is superb and the alcoholic beverages themselves are quite excellent. 61A Streatham Hill, London SW2 4TX

The Ledbury

A restaurant which serves some of the most impressive cuisine as well as superb cocktails that I’m sure you’ll adore as much as I do. This one of a kind Modern restaurant is perfect for a meeting with an escort and with the innovative menu that can change every now and again you will surely never get bored of the food here. If you’re thinking about heading here with an escort then I would advise you to book a table as it can get quite busy in the evenings and especially at the weekend where it is an extremely popular restaurant as it isn’t too pricey compared to other London restaurants. 127 Ledbury Rd, London W11 2AQ

Liman Restaurant

One of the best Turkish restaurants in London and in my opinion it is the best Turkish restaurant. Dine in style and taste some of the most gorgeous spices and meals that you could ever find in the Mediterranean as this restaurant is absolutely perfect for anyone. If you’re fancying a date here then you’ve definitely chosen the right place as it is a perfect place to bring a London escort and I personally do think this is one of the best restaurants you could ever visit in London. 60 Penton St, London N1 9PZ

Zuma A professional photograph of the interior of a restaurant in London called Zuma

If you’re looking for that exotic taste then you can always go for some Japanese cuisine at Zuma. With its own sushi counter and the ability to serve a load of different Asian foods, you can be sure to adore. Zuma has some great interior design as well as it is a place that you can definitely go on a date with an escort with as you will find it to be great for a romantic evening for sure. 5 Raphael St, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DL

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5 Things To Know Before Booking An Escort Part 2

Continuing with our tips on what to think about before hiring an escort, here are five more thoughtful tips to make everything easier for both you and your escort so you both have a mutually enjoyable experience.


Just the Two of Us.


When booking an escort in London for example, you are taking part in a non-verbal agreement (unless confirmed otherwise) that this is a private affair between client and escort and no one else should be partaking in this. Your escort won’t be expecting you to turn up with a friend, or sending a friend to get her to bring her to you. If you try this she may conclude something else is going on and she might just leave. This is also a matter of security and safety for both parties.


Due to many people false booking or messing about with payments, many incall bookings are usually handled at a hotel. This is because hotels are busy places, the security is tighter and the agency or escort can call the hotel and confirm you are staying there and even put them through to your room. With residential addresses, escorts are more reluctant to meet.


This also applied for outcalls where the meeting place is the escorts house or apartment.

If you have booked an outcall and will be making your way to her, it is likely you will be provided with a street name and postcode to which you will have to arrive, call again, confirm who you are and then you will get a house number. This is to protect the escorts from time wasters and ensures if they are up to something dodgy they don’t know the exact location of the escort.


Treat a Lady Like…


This may sound obvious but it has to be said. Be well behaved. As ironic as that title sounds considering the nature of this subject being well-behaved means treating her with the same respect you would treat any woman. Forget the fact she’s even an escort, she is there to give you the girlfriend experience, the least you could do is return a boyfriend experience. Take a few minutes to find out what she likes, most women like flowers and chocolates. A rose and a dairy milk could go along the way with a woman whos about to treat you.


If you are planning a fancy dinner date then be courteous of her palette, don’t assume because you’ve booked her you now control what she enjoys. Ask her what she would like for dinner, treat her to a real date and you may find her company worth more than you’re paying.


Also, keep yourself controlled unless mutually agreed otherwise. Answering the door drunk or getting to tipsy before you’ve really had a chance to get to know your escort may prove fatal to your experience. Escorts don’t like to handle clients who are all over the place, she wants to know she’s in good hands and tipsiness doesn’t display this very well. Refrain from drinking till you meet, and if she wants, share a drink together.


It’s Not You, It’s Me….


Since booking a client isn’t exactly a very advanced booking to obtain, cancelling last minute is frowned upon throughout the industry. If you are going to cancel give as much notice as possible.


This is because an Escort won’t be paid when you cancel which means they lose out on money, and if you cancel last minute it didn’t give the escort or agency enough time to replace you with another client and make that money instead, so the escort will lose time and money and in most cases agencies and escorts themselves won’t allow this to happen more than once. If they feel you are booking and cancelling regularly they may decide to stop answering your calls altogether.


Bow Chicka Wow Wow…..


So you’ve booked your escort on your best behaviour, answering questions and replying respectfully. You’ve paid her the agreed amount with a little extra on top and didn’t mess about with the meeting location. That’s all good, but now contain your excitement for a little bit longer.


Escorts don’t appreciate going straight to the act, it’s better to converse a little bit, break the ice, share a 5-minute conversation getting to know each other and when she feels relaxed she will relax you in return. You may find out a lot more about her that makes you like her even more, shared hobbies and interest can make the coming act even more enjoyable if there is some sort of connection on a mental level as well as physical.


Thank You Cum Again….


Some escorts or agencies encourage reviews of the experience with both the agency and the escort. They may have in-house forums or shared blogs where escorts are reviewed. This helps with repeat business and makes the whole booking process a lot easier. So if you have had your date with your escort and her or the agency invite you to participate some sort of review system, it is worth leaving a review. If you enjoyed your experience say it, let people know she’s worth booking and if you would use the same agency again. This will make you more reputable with the agency and make future bookings a lot easier.


So there we have it, some helpful tips on what to think about when hiring an escort. Whether you realise it or not, a matter of safety and financial stability depends on these bookings, and therefore shouldn’t be taken lightly by either party, all that being said be safe and have fun.

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5 Things To Know Before Booking An Escort Part 1

Whether you are enjoying a short or long duration stay in a different city, or just want some company on the weekend or through the week, calling an escort in London can be a very enjoyable experience for both escort and client. However, because of the sensitive nature of the business, knowing what you’re doing and taking extra precautions can be the difference between an enjoyable service and a terrible experience where you also lose money.


So, let’s get into some of the things you should know before booking yourself a gorgeous London escort.


Be Respectful


First of all, try to avoid being judgmental as much as possible. Many escorts provide this service as a part-time job and also work in offices and study when they aren’t escorting. This should give you an indication that no matter who you hire, you may find yourself judging and thinking you’re better than a future lawyer or doctor, so refrain from looking down on the profession.


Also, escorts are paid, which makes what they do a business and in turn makes them businesswomen, and they deserve the respect you would treat any other businesswoman with. 


Keep Yourself in the Know


Research into what you’re getting yourself into is an activity worthy of your time. Whether you are using an agency to book your Escort in London or you have sought out a private escort who is working without an agency, doing some background research doesn’t hurt. Many websites, agency and independent like to bait people into hiring for example ’Mayfair Escorts‘, using misleading images.


The problem with this is the pictures aren’t always matched to the woman you may end up with, and the Mayfair escort you found yourself drooling over may be far less attractive when you meet. It helps to find out exactly who you’re booking, confirm she is the woman in the pictures and confirm the person you’re speaking to is the same woman you want to book. Often this isn’t applicable to agencies who hire agency staff, in which case it’s always a good idea to look into third-party reviews of the agency.


Hello 🙂


When contacting an agency or an independent escort to book, it’s important to treat the situation like anything else you would be calling for. For example, when booking a hotel or a restaurant, people (in general) tend to speak calmly and clearly; refrain from vulgar and inappropriate language and tend to present themselves as professionally as possible. This is the same when hiring an escort, the agency will judge you on your professionality and attitude.

Vulgar language and a disrespectful demeanour can have you blacklisted with the agency and book an escort could end up near enough impossible for you. Also if you want a real girlfriend experience with an escort treating the situation with respect will garner a better experience for you.


Some agencies may also ask you questions about yourself, don’t be alarmed, this is purely a screening conversation and is there to help put everyone’s minds at ease. It helps the agency know a bit about you and answers a few basic questions about you like what kind of escorts you like, what type of person you are, will the escort be safe with you and will you actually turn up and pay. All these points are contributing factors the agency will take into account when you try to book an escort in London.


Due to the sheer volume of fake bookings, many agencies will ask you to leave a phone number or some way to directly contact you. Since most escorts especially in London, work flexibly with both incall and outcall, it helps to have a way to instantly contact either the agency or the escort.


You can trust me…


When you call an agency or the escort they may go through a rough screening process where additional personal information about you will be requested. The level of information requested can vary depending on the escort or the agency but the bottom line is nobody is hiring an escort without some sort of screening process. This is a verification process necessary for both client and escort safety and this helps the escort know a little bit more about you, and if she feels safer with you, you will have a better experience with her.


Money Money Money


Money is the crux of this entire industry, without the payment nothing will happen which is why it is important to not only confirm the price with the agency and escort but refrain from trying to pay by card or cheque or any other non-tangible form of payment, This is a cash in hand dominated industry and if you want things to go as smoothly as possible paying with cash is the best step to take.


Also, when arriving at an escorts apartment or when she arrives at yours, be sure to have the money ready for her; messing about with payments is never seen as professional. As well as a prompt payment make sure to have the amount agreed upon, or if you can spare it a little extra. Paying a little extra will always benefit you, a nice little surprise like this for your escort will enhance her level of comfort with you and may make the entire experience more enjoyable for you and your escort.


Aside from having the cash ready and paying when you first meet, make sure you never haggle. There is nothing more disrespectful than agreeing with a price and backing out when it comes to payment, or paying someone short of what was agreed. This may get you blacklisted by the agency who may even spread your name and number blacklisting you from other agencies and independent escorts. It’s better to just pay the price agreed or listed.




A picture of the interior to Opium in London

Top 5 Bars I Have Visited with Clients

Within this article, you’re going to find out my favourite drinking places in London that I have met clients at and have had a great time. These places might be quite extortionate when it comes to spending money on drinks but most of the time I was never paying because, when you’re an escort in London most high-end businessmen will pay your drinks for you. Anyway here are my top bars in London voted by myself.

Nightjar A professional image of Nightjar in Manchester

If you’re looking for something that isn’t too pricey and has some of my personal favourite cocktails then Nightjar is your place to go as it provides some of the most exceptional drinks in the area. With live jazz and blues, it’s a romantic and laid-back bar that you can enjoy with a client and I’m sure he’ll love this place especially because of the not so pricey drinks. You can be expected to be getting looks left to right and centre from guys but it’s probably for the best if you keep your eyes on your client. 129 City Rd, Hoxton, London EC1V 1JB

Oriole Bar

Another fantastic cocktail bar that is going to make you feel on top of the world. The architecture of this bar is pretty cool and wacky but what else can you expect from a subterranean cocktail bar. You’ll also find rare spirits here which you and your client will no doubt love. I recommend that you visit here at least once and if it’s not your thing then fair enough but I personally cannot get enough of it here. E Poultry Ave, London EC1A 9LH


Dim sums and great cocktails. You really cannot go wrong with having a bite to eat and a cocktail at the Opium bar in London as their dim sums are delicious and their cocktails are truly amazing. You and your client will surely enjoy every second that you spend here you will surely adore. If Dim sums aren’t your thing then you can always go through the extensive cocktail and spirit list and enjoy the many cocktails available. 15-16, Gerrard St, London W1D 6JE

Flight Club Shoreditch

An international chain of great cocktail making beauty. You’ll find a load of stuff to do in these bars such as darts, sharing platters and of course the famous cocktail and shots menu which is quite extensive. You and your client are going to adore this bar as there is always something to do here. I can imagine you both enjoying a cocktail and having a game or two of darts or maybe some pool. 2A Worship St, London EC2A 2AH

The Gibson

You can find a number of events that are always on at The Gibson as well as a great cocktail menu that you will adore. I visited this fine establishment with clients and friends because it’s a personal favourite of mine that provides me with great memories every time I visit. 44 Old St, London EC1V 9AQ

Should Escort Agencies In London Provide A 24/Hour Service

Here is a question that will be useful to escort agencies, as it is a question that requires times and most of all the ability to stay up. That is unless you have a receptionist which in London is a number one thing you’re going to want and need. So is it worthwhile being open all day every day as a London escort agency? Let’s find out.

Well, the first thing you have to consider is how much business you currently get and if it is worth getting a receptionist. If you’re in London, however, this should be a no-brainer as many agencies in London have them. Of course, when you’re getting as much business in London you’re going to be covering the costs with ease, not only that but letting someone else handling your phones when you’re busy is always a plus as I can imagine you’re not going to be on the ball 24/7 so to speak.

Our second point is that I used to get calls in very early hours of the morning, which means that being open from dawn till dusk is always a great idea. If you think about it you’ll be doubling your bookings and providing a service that all of your clientele want, so therefore it’s a win-win situation for you and your clientele. I’d think that you’d be a very happy individual after making so much money and after this, you can always expand your agency and create more London agencies because you’ll have more money from this endeavour.

Our final point will definitely peak your interest, because if you think that extra help and extra money isn’t enough for you to be swayed then think about how many of your clients are going to love to be able to wake up and book one of your gorgeous girls. You can imagine that after a night out some of your regular clientele are going to get in quite early in the morning and want to book from your agency, which in all cases is the best kind of business that you could want and provide for your clients.

image of two models

Top 3 Factors to Look out for When Booking an Escort Online

Today, I’m going to be talking about what you should be looking for when you’re booking an escort online. This will basically be about what you should notice when you’re on an escort site and what you should be looking for when you’re thinking of booking one of their escorts. Below, I’m going discuss the top 3 most important factors when booking an escort and how these can help you to make a well-informed decision.


Price: High-End or Cheap Escorts?

image of "cheap but good" textThe first and most important factor to consider when booking a companion is often the price of the companion you’re choosing to book. Of course, you’ll have to compare both agencies and independents thoroughly before booking; if you’re lucky you’ll find the same girl, or possibly a model you prefer.

By comparing the prices of these girls between agencies, you may find an agency that charges cheaper for the same model, especially in London where most agencies tend to have the same companions working for them. One thing you might also want to take into consideration is that she may have her own website which she charges cheaper on, however, with independent escorts in London this usually isn’t the case and agencies usually also provide a better and more professional quality-of-service.


Quality of her Images

Another thing you definitely need to take into consideration is that images could possibly be photoshopped, or even worse, fake. One of the ways you can check if a girl’s images on a website are fake is by dragging her image into the google image search bar, this way if she comes up all across the internet as a model then you know that she may be fake. You’ll find that most of the time you can tell when a girl is horrifically photoshopped so I’d use your wits.

photo-shopped model

Thankfully, most clients who book a girl leave reviews and if a girl doesn’t come to his expectations then you can expect him to leave a review about this individual and why it wasn’t the best time. When reading reviews of the companion you’re choosing to book, it’s important to ensure the source is credible. You may find that reviews on the girls’ website have been fabricated by themselves or the agency which they work for, to ensure a high-quality review I’d search for premium escort review websites where you can trust that all reviews left here have been moderated. Whilst some reviews may slip through the “moderation net” so to speak, you still have a higher chance of finding legitimate feedback.


Agency or Independent?

An important factor when booking a companion is whether or not she is an independent escort or works with an agency. This is important to consider as it can make or break whether you’re going to book the model or not. Most independents charge astronomical prices but they have the most realistic photographs and you are guaranteed to meet them instead of some fake girl. With agencies, you are more likely to get a cheap girl as there is competition and these girls usually come in an abundance, meaning you can book more than one escort at a time depending on your preference of course; or at least have the luxury of choice.

When booking an independent, you may be lucky enough to get one of the most gorgeous girls in London to meet you and consequentially, have one of the best times of your life. With this being said, this type of booking may cost you a fortune if you choose to book with one of the more popular models.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you when it comes to which model you’re going to book. I hope that by taking these points into account, you’ll find yourself meeting the perfect girl, at the perfect price. To summerize, the risk in booking an escort in London can be minimized with stringent research and of course, by booking with a reputable independent or agency. It’s always better to pay more for quality and reliability than to put yourself at risk.

escort image

How to Advertise as an Escort Agency in London

This article will be aimed at escort agency owners or those who are thinking about starting one. I’m going to concentrate on how you should advertise your website and exactly where to go to get the best results in this regard. First off, we will start with the best places to advertise escorts for free and later we will take a gander at the paid options; these can usually make your break your bank so read on and apply this advice with caution!

Free and Fantastic

Throughout the internet, you will find an abundance of brilliant escort directories which you can advertise your agency and girls on for free. Some of these websites include directories such as Happy Escorts and Punterlink. We do have to make you aware though that there are some very dodgy websites out there that try to milk your bank for all it’s worth so be warned. Other websites to avoid can be those directories which have redirects to ad-filled nonsense. However, if you’re sticking to the more well-known sites you’re guaranteed to find these easy-to-use websites painless and stress-free. You can purchase paid advertisement from both types of these websites if you so wish, however free is always a good choice to start out with and if you see an increase in bookings then you might choose to switch to paid.

Paid Advertisement

If you’re going straight for the paid advertisement option then I need you to stick to the best ones and not go out of your way through the pages of google to find a paid advertisement. Stick to Viva street and eros, as these sites are well known internationally for providing excellent ads that will definitely increase bookings and the amount of traffic your website receives. Make sure that you are choosing the paid advertisements that are worth your while; after all, if you’re paying £200 a month for a banner on a website that looks derelict then you may be getting scammed. With this being said, it’s important to monitor your progress with any paid advertisement and if you notice that you’re getting more bookings than ever, clearly that website is worth the money!

Before you do either of these

It’s important to first have a decent number of girls, 5-10 is good, but in London, you’ll find hundreds of girls that want to join agencies because it means more money in their pockets. In your case, this means more money for you!

Before going ahead and recruiting girls, make sure that you have a functional website which is easy to navigate as this will improve bookings because you don’t want someone coming to your site and not being able to understand where to go, or what to do. In fact, this means you’ve probably created a nightmare for yourself as well, which is the worst of both worlds.

Finally, you’ll want to keep an open mind when advertising and make sure that you’re intelligent enough to see a scam or not. You don’t want to be advertising on a website with absolutely no one using it, do you?

blonde model

Dressing for the Occasion… Escort Style!

Today I’m going to discuss how an escort should dress depending on the occasion, of course, you can’t go to a fancy ballroom party dressed in your sexy lingerie now, can you? No matter how good you look in your lingerie, you have to have some respect for the person who is throwing such a party. So, here is a little write up on what you should consider wearing on the most popular types of escort booking.

Going to a client’s place

If you’re visiting a client for a few hours then wear something provocative and make sure that you are a little bit revealing as you’re going to want your client to fall head over heels for you, that is of course if you’re wanting to have a recurring client which at the end of the day makes you money! Wear something that he thinks is especially for him, a great way to do this is to ask them when they book if they have any preferences. Soon, he’ll see that you’ve put in the time and effort to ensure that your evening together is perfect.

image of a romantic bedroom

Going to a bar or club

One of the many places that a client might want to go out to is a bar or club. In this case, don’t wear something too revealing; make sure you are warm and look stylish, there’s nothing wrong with a gorgeous corset or that coat which makes you look absolutely gorgeous. You know at the end of the day what is going to attract guys even with your clothes off, so make sure you’re giving him exactly what he wants and entice him with everything card you have. Wearing your favourite perfume is another great way to ensure that your client finds you irresistible!

club girl

Going to a private event

If you’re heading off to a private party or event then dress exactly how you would if you were invited to one on your own. Perhaps a dress or something to make you look sophisticated will be perfect for the occasion. You’re going to want to out-woo all the other girls there and make them a tad jealous of just how absolutely stunning you are, so make sure you dress to impress! Put on some of your favourite perfume and doll yourself up a bit more as the night requires.

Charity Gala

Be yourself

All in all, it’s generally good to have fun and enjoy your night out with your client; remember to have fun! You want to be seen smiling and enjoying yourself as much as possible as you are being booked for your vibrant personality and companionship, not to mention that you always look better when you smile! Also, make sure that you stay close your client and don’t wander off, or he might never book you again.

earth flag

Top 4 International Escort Locations

Today I’m going to write about where I have visited in the world and where I have had my most wondrous experiences with clients. These are the type of holidays which my clients have paid for and I have gone to see them for a weekend or more. Without further ado, read more to find out more about the best places I went to and how the experience of being an escort was back in those days.



I visited a client here in 1997, the flight took a day and a bit and I was met him at the airport in Toronto by my client who took me out to lunch at the Rooster coffee bar which was absolutely lovely. Later on, we took a drive around the city and then eventually went to his place for the night… I won’t go into great detail about what happened, but I can tell you that it was one of the best holidays I’d ever had. After the wonderful day I had, he made me a regular Canadian breakfast consisting of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup which was truly exceptional.

bacon pancakes


serbia flag

Although you might not think of it as a great holiday destination, in the summer it’s quite a gorgeous country. When I landed in Belgrade I took a taxi to my clients’ place; we had a great time and then he took me out for dinner at the Ambar restaurant which was an utter delight (not to mention that my client was quite attractive and muscular). You should definitely visit here with a client if you can as it is truly superb in every single way.



monaco flag

A truly wonderful country that I must admit is one of the best I’ve visited as I even took a holiday here without meeting a client. Everything here seemed very pricey but with this being said you’ll have a great time, especially since most the clients that live here are super rich and will give you pretty much anything you wish for. Be prepared for yacht parties, lots of alcohol and great Mediterranean food. The client I went to see owned his own yacht and let me tell you that I had an absolute ball with him and all of his friends.



moldova flag

This country was so beautiful that I’m annoyed at myself for not going back, the client that I met was quite well off and his house was fantastic. We met up in Chisinau and we had a gorgeous evening meal at La Sarkis to which I enjoyed. After this, I went to his outrageously gorgeous house which was truly a delight to be in. Sufficed to say, it was a little cold as it was nearing winter but it was still an amazing place and one day I’d love to explore Moldava again, the only problem is finding the best time and place to go.


A picture of yellow tape with the word caution written across it

What to be Wary of When Booking an Escort

In this article I’m going to concentrate on some of the many things that you should be wary of when booking a London escort, this can be from the agencies reputation or even the extortionate prices that might be charged. All in all this is for you to take a look at and make your decision when you’re thinking of booking one of the absolutely gorgeous escorts that you can find in London.

Agency reputation

If you’re booking from an agency which most individuals do, you need to check out forums link punterlink and the erotic review. Here you can find people who have booked from the agency that you’re wishing to make a booking from. These kind of sites are for people who use escorts regularly or once in a blue moon sort of thing and they like to tell others about their experiences with the escort and agency in question, you’ll find that many people find the time to tell others about their experiences and these can usually be the deciding factor for you. So make sure you check a few of the well-known forums and directories out as they might help you with your booking options!

Prices and where to go

If you’ve found a girl that you like but she is really too much in the way of price then don’t worry, the thing is about the London escort industry is most girls you see on agency websites are plastered all over different agencies. This will mean that you can find her on a different agency website for a much more reasonable price, which at the end of the day is the best thing for you. One thing that we cannot guide you about is if she is an independent escort in London, as these girls are usually only reserved for their website and do charge absolutely astronomical prices. Again take a look at some of the popular forums and directories as you will find more information about better prices for girls there.

Your search terms

One of my biggest pluses about agency websites is their search queries, meaning that there might be a lot of girls in London that fit the criteria of the kind of girl that you’re looking for. Of course if you’re searching for something a bit out of the normal then you can be expected not to find much in what you’re looking for, but who knows you might find exactly what you’re looking for. What you can expect is that there are a lot of London escorts so you need not worry as there is probably someone out there for you to pick for your evening of wonder. At the end of the day we know that there is someone out there for you in the escorting industry that you’re going to spend an excellent evening with, sometimes you can rest assured knowing that even the girl that you’re really wanting to pick might sometimes not be as good as one that you weren’t sure of.