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This blog is all about a female’s experience as being an escort from the 1980’s until the present day. For the sake of protecting her identity, we will call our subject Laura. She has been involved in the escort industry since the age of 18 and since then has accumulated a whole life of experience in the field. Join me as we discuss Laura’s life, experiences and stories.

Laura started her life in London at the age of 16; she had travelled here with her parents from Liverpool. At the age of 18, Laura went to London business school where she studied Business Management, in hopes that one day she would start her own business.

Laura starting in London

During her first year of university, she was approached by another girl who had recently made a lot of money. Laura was curious as to how her friend had amassed such a huge amount of wealth in such a short period of time. After much prying, Laura stumbled upon her friends secret… She was, in fact, a London escort.

Laura was invited to join the agency which her friend was working at. After a while working here, having seen all of the ups and downs, she started to understand the industry better and had finally graduated. At this point, Laura decided that she would take it upon herself to start her own escort agency.

Laura and her escort experience

Struggling to make her first escort agency in London a success, Laura decided to become an independent escort in London instead. She enjoyed her job as an independent for the next few years, meeting a whole host of characters and travelling both the UK and overseas.

Once again, after more experience in the field and having noticed where she had gone wrong the first time, Laura decided to go and set up a London escort agency; however, this time it would be a success! Laura worked hard for the following years and ended up having one of the most popular London escort agencies because of it. Laura is now retired from the escort industry, however, would love to share her experiences with all those interested in learning about call-girls, escorts, courtesans and mistresses in London.

Throughout this blog, we will touch upon topics such as:

  • Where Laura has travelled to
  • What the pay is like as an escort in London
  • How to become an escort
  • What to look for when booking an escort
  • What to avoid when booking an escort
  • Which agencies you should look out for
  • Which agencies you should avoid
  • How to promote yourself as an escort
  • How to recruit escorts as an agency
  • How to improve your brand image
  • How to advertise an escort agency
  • How to perform different services
  • How to dress for each occasion
  • How to role-play
  • The most common fetishes
    and much, much more!

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