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Why Clients Book Mature London Escorts

Today I’m going to be writing about a question that many people in London have, it’s a question that I get asked a lot through my dealings with escort agencies and such as I was once a London escort many years ago. The question being why do people book mature London escorts instead of the younger and in many ways much more attractive escorts like Eastern European escorts and such.

What is a mature London escort?

If you guys are unsure then let me ask and answer the first question being what is a mature London escort? A mature escort is usually a woman that is over 30+ like me (unfortunately) that is an active escort or companion that you can book at any time either independently or from an agency. You can usually find that these ladies might not be as youthful as they used to be, however they will still provide you with an absolutely terrific evening if you’re interested in their companionship for a night.

What makes them so different from other escorts?

Well unlike most girls that are younger, mature escorts have a lot more experience when it comes to the kind of stuff that escorts do in the bedroom. Having years of experience they know exactly how to make a man or woman happy by just a few strokes, this is at the best of days one of the easiest ways to make sure that you’re going to have a night of truly excellent proportions. We’re sure that you’ll become absolutely infatuated with the older but still perfect woman that you have chosen for your evening, as not only does this woman have a lot more experience you can be assured that she is a lot more intelligent and can hold a conversation a lot better than any of the younger generation.

Why you would be making the perfect choice A professional photograph of a mature woman

If our last paragraph didn’t convince you then you can be assured that this will. Most of the older generation have had years to hone their talents making you one of the happiest gentlemen or ladies around. Mature escorts in London are usually women however they can be men as well, it all depends on where you’re looking for them is all. Being a bit mature myself I can assure you that after being in the trade for over 20 years I know how to make my husband smile a lot brighter every day. At the end of the day the saying goes “try everything at least once” and a mature escort is something you need to try, as it provides you with a chance to have an experience that a lot more people in London tend to enjoy a lot.

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Why do Couples Book Escorts?

This is a question that I’m personally asked a lot, it’s the type of question that is going to take a full article to explain as it’s not as easy as you might think. So here goes ladies and gentlemen, why exactly do couples either married partners or just boyfriend and girlfriend book escorts?

Married Couples

Well for the married couple I think it is a bit of an easier explanation, after a few years I think that a marriage and its sex life can become a bit…well stale. So some married couples book an escort either male or female depending on how you swing of course, to spruce up their sec life with a little bit of fun. Usually the escort you’ve chosen can teach you a few many things to make your evening a bit more enjoyable when he/she has gone. In most cases this kind of meeting usually indicates that the couple needs some enthusiasm from another more experienced human being.

Girlfriend and Boyfriend Scenario

With the case of the girlfriend and boyfriend, it can be similar towards the aforementioned paragraph in the way that it is about just a little bit more of experience to make your night an unforgettable memory. However in some cases it can be different, sometimes they just want someone to watch them have sex as they find it extremely arousing to do so, I can personally understand this as it can be quite the intriguing experience.

A Fetish or Two

Our final reason is something a bit more odd, but understandable as it’s about fetishes. Everyone has their own fetish and some people are similar to our second paragraph and want to have someone watch you have sex but…this is a bit different. Troilism is what it is called and it is the act of one’s partner having sex with someone else(sometimes without their knowledge) that could be just about anyone, it of course all depends on what the receiving person is into and who the other wishes to have sex with. I can say that it can be quite the gruesome experience that can cause issues but this is definitely an experience to say the least.