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How to Advertise as an Escort Agency in London

This article will be aimed at escort agency owners or those who are thinking about starting one. I’m going to concentrate on how you should advertise your website and exactly where to go to get the best results in this regard. First off, we will start with the best places to advertise escorts for free and later we will take a gander at the paid options; these can usually make your break your bank so read on and apply this advice with caution!

Free and Fantastic

Throughout the internet, you will find an abundance of brilliant escort directories which you can advertise your agency and girls on for free. Some of these websites include directories such as Happy Escorts and Punterlink. We do have to make you aware though that there are some very dodgy websites out there that try to milk your bank for all it’s worth so be warned. Other websites to avoid can be those directories which have redirects to ad-filled nonsense. However, if you’re sticking to the more well-known sites you’re guaranteed to find these easy-to-use websites painless and stress-free. You can purchase paid advertisement from both types of these websites if you so wish, however free is always a good choice to start out with and if you see an increase in bookings then you might choose to switch to paid.

Paid Advertisement

If you’re going straight for the paid advertisement option then I need you to stick to the best ones and not go out of your way through the pages of google to find a paid advertisement. Stick to Viva street and eros, as these sites are well known internationally for providing excellent ads that will definitely increase bookings and the amount of traffic your website receives. Make sure that you are choosing the paid advertisements that are worth your while; after all, if you’re paying £200 a month for a banner on a website that looks derelict then you may be getting scammed. With this being said, it’s important to monitor your progress with any paid advertisement and if you notice that you’re getting more bookings than ever, clearly that website is worth the money!

Before you do either of these

It’s important to first have a decent number of girls, 5-10 is good, but in London, you’ll find hundreds of girls that want to join agencies because it means more money in their pockets. In your case, this means more money for you!

Before going ahead and recruiting girls, make sure that you have a functional website which is easy to navigate as this will improve bookings because you don’t want someone coming to your site and not being able to understand where to go, or what to do. In fact, this means you’ve probably created a nightmare for yourself as well, which is the worst of both worlds.

Finally, you’ll want to keep an open mind when advertising and make sure that you’re intelligent enough to see a scam or not. You don’t want to be advertising on a website with absolutely no one using it, do you?

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Dressing for the Occasion… Escort Style!

Today I’m going to discuss how an escort should dress depending on the occasion, of course, you can’t go to a fancy ballroom party dressed in your sexy lingerie now, can you? No matter how good you look in your lingerie, you have to have some respect for the person who is throwing such a party. So, here is a little write up on what you should consider wearing on the most popular types of escort booking.

Going to a client’s place

If you’re visiting a client for a few hours then wear something provocative and make sure that you are a little bit revealing as you’re going to want your client to fall head over heels for you, that is of course if you’re wanting to have a recurring client which at the end of the day makes you money! Wear something that he thinks is especially for him, a great way to do this is to ask them when they book if they have any preferences. Soon, he’ll see that you’ve put in the time and effort to ensure that your evening together is perfect.

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Going to a bar or club

One of the many places that a client might want to go out to is a bar or club. In this case, don’t wear something too revealing; make sure you are warm and look stylish, there’s nothing wrong with a gorgeous corset or that coat which makes you look absolutely gorgeous. You know at the end of the day what is going to attract guys even with your clothes off, so make sure you’re giving him exactly what he wants and entice him with everything card you have. Wearing your favourite perfume is another great way to ensure that your client finds you irresistible!

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Going to a private event

If you’re heading off to a private party or event then dress exactly how you would if you were invited to one on your own. Perhaps a dress or something to make you look sophisticated will be perfect for the occasion. You’re going to want to out-woo all the other girls there and make them a tad jealous of just how absolutely stunning you are, so make sure you dress to impress! Put on some of your favourite perfume and doll yourself up a bit more as the night requires.

Charity Gala

Be yourself

All in all, it’s generally good to have fun and enjoy your night out with your client; remember to have fun! You want to be seen smiling and enjoying yourself as much as possible as you are being booked for your vibrant personality and companionship, not to mention that you always look better when you smile! Also, make sure that you stay close your client and don’t wander off, or he might never book you again.

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Top 4 International Escort Locations

Today I’m going to write about where I have visited in the world and where I have had my most wondrous experiences with clients. These are the type of holidays which my clients have paid for and I have gone to see them for a weekend or more. Without further ado, read more to find out more about the best places I went to and how the experience of being an escort was back in those days.



I visited a client here in 1997, the flight took a day and a bit and I was met him at the airport in Toronto by my client who took me out to lunch at the Rooster coffee bar which was absolutely lovely. Later on, we took a drive around the city and then eventually went to his place for the night… I won’t go into great detail about what happened, but I can tell you that it was one of the best holidays I’d ever had. After the wonderful day I had, he made me a regular Canadian breakfast consisting of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup which was truly exceptional.

bacon pancakes


serbia flag

Although you might not think of it as a great holiday destination, in the summer it’s quite a gorgeous country. When I landed in Belgrade I took a taxi to my clients’ place; we had a great time and then he took me out for dinner at the Ambar restaurant which was an utter delight (not to mention that my client was quite attractive and muscular). You should definitely visit here with a client if you can as it is truly superb in every single way.



monaco flag

A truly wonderful country that I must admit is one of the best I’ve visited as I even took a holiday here without meeting a client. Everything here seemed very pricey but with this being said you’ll have a great time, especially since most the clients that live here are super rich and will give you pretty much anything you wish for. Be prepared for yacht parties, lots of alcohol and great Mediterranean food. The client I went to see owned his own yacht and let me tell you that I had an absolute ball with him and all of his friends.



moldova flag

This country was so beautiful that I’m annoyed at myself for not going back, the client that I met was quite well off and his house was fantastic. We met up in Chisinau and we had a gorgeous evening meal at La Sarkis to which I enjoyed. After this, I went to his outrageously gorgeous house which was truly a delight to be in. Sufficed to say, it was a little cold as it was nearing winter but it was still an amazing place and one day I’d love to explore Moldava again, the only problem is finding the best time and place to go.




Welcome to the home of Laura London a blog dedicated to the life of one of  London’s most sought after companions. Laura is a model who has been working in the industry since the 1980’s so you can sit easy knowing that any of the information on this website is coming from a reliable and trusted source. Laura is a sensual and caring companion offering a booking service which is unmatched by any other escort in the industry making her the perfect subject for our blog.

How we met up

We originally met Laura when she was working for a London based agency called Agency Barracuda. Since then we have spent the last couple of months getting to know Laura as a person and not just as another escort. What we can say after all this is its been a fun experience for us not only did we get to see a new site of the escorting world but we also got to have some great conversations with an amazing person.

Over the next couple of months, we have a number of plans for this site and our goal is to answer all of those questions that every escort has wanted to know the answer to but was always too afraid to ask or simply didn’t know who to ask. Some examples of the types of posts that can be found on this site can be found below:

  •  What Makes a Good Classified / Personals Ad for Escorts in London?
  • Do Guys Like Rimming?
  • Why Guys Book Slim London Escorts
  • My Favourite Brunette Escorts in London (Right Now!)
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  • How to Promote Yourself as an Independent London Escort

If you have any requests for topics you would like us to talk about then feel free to submit them below or on our contact page and we will see what we can do for you!

A New Escort Community

Besides just being a place to talk about Laura and what she’s up to we want to start a community of like-minded companions. London’s escort scene is one that’s constantly growing and as a community, we should build a place that is safe for everyone involved in the industry. There are places already like Saafe but I feel a lot of these are very closed off and anyone new isn’t always that welcome. With this being said we encourage you to get involved in the conversation by commenting below.

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