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5 Things To Know Before Booking An Escort Part 2

Continuing with our tips on what to think about before hiring an escort, here are five more thoughtful tips to make everything easier for both you and your escort so you both have a mutually enjoyable experience.


Just the Two of Us.


When booking an escort in London for example, you are taking part in a non-verbal agreement (unless confirmed otherwise) that this is a private affair between client and escort and no one else should be partaking in this. Your escort won’t be expecting you to turn up with a friend, or sending a friend to get her to bring her to you. If you try this she may conclude something else is going on and she might just leave. This is also a matter of security and safety for both parties.


Due to many people false booking or messing about with payments, many incall bookings are usually handled at a hotel. This is because hotels are busy places, the security is tighter and the agency or escort can call the hotel and confirm you are staying there and even put them through to your room. With residential addresses, escorts are more reluctant to meet.


This also applied for outcalls where the meeting place is the escorts house or apartment.

If you have booked an outcall and will be making your way to her, it is likely you will be provided with a street name and postcode to which you will have to arrive, call again, confirm who you are and then you will get a house number. This is to protect the escorts from time wasters and ensures if they are up to something dodgy they don’t know the exact location of the escort.


Treat a Lady Like…


This may sound obvious but it has to be said. Be well behaved. As ironic as that title sounds considering the nature of this subject being well-behaved means treating her with the same respect you would treat any woman. Forget the fact she’s even an escort, she is there to give you the girlfriend experience, the least you could do is return a boyfriend experience. Take a few minutes to find out what she likes, most women like flowers and chocolates. A rose and a dairy milk could go along the way with a woman whos about to treat you.


If you are planning a fancy dinner date then be courteous of her palette, don’t assume because you’ve booked her you now control what she enjoys. Ask her what she would like for dinner, treat her to a real date and you may find her company worth more than you’re paying.


Also, keep yourself controlled unless mutually agreed otherwise. Answering the door drunk or getting to tipsy before you’ve really had a chance to get to know your escort may prove fatal to your experience. Escorts don’t like to handle clients who are all over the place, she wants to know she’s in good hands and tipsiness doesn’t display this very well. Refrain from drinking till you meet, and if she wants, share a drink together.


It’s Not You, It’s Me….


Since booking a client isn’t exactly a very advanced booking to obtain, cancelling last minute is frowned upon throughout the industry. If you are going to cancel give as much notice as possible.


This is because an Escort won’t be paid when you cancel which means they lose out on money, and if you cancel last minute it didn’t give the escort or agency enough time to replace you with another client and make that money instead, so the escort will lose time and money and in most cases agencies and escorts themselves won’t allow this to happen more than once. If they feel you are booking and cancelling regularly they may decide to stop answering your calls altogether.


Bow Chicka Wow Wow…..


So you’ve booked your escort on your best behaviour, answering questions and replying respectfully. You’ve paid her the agreed amount with a little extra on top and didn’t mess about with the meeting location. That’s all good, but now contain your excitement for a little bit longer.


Escorts don’t appreciate going straight to the act, it’s better to converse a little bit, break the ice, share a 5-minute conversation getting to know each other and when she feels relaxed she will relax you in return. You may find out a lot more about her that makes you like her even more, shared hobbies and interest can make the coming act even more enjoyable if there is some sort of connection on a mental level as well as physical.


Thank You Cum Again….


Some escorts or agencies encourage reviews of the experience with both the agency and the escort. They may have in-house forums or shared blogs where escorts are reviewed. This helps with repeat business and makes the whole booking process a lot easier. So if you have had your date with your escort and her or the agency invite you to participate some sort of review system, it is worth leaving a review. If you enjoyed your experience say it, let people know she’s worth booking and if you would use the same agency again. This will make you more reputable with the agency and make future bookings a lot easier.


So there we have it, some helpful tips on what to think about when hiring an escort. Whether you realise it or not, a matter of safety and financial stability depends on these bookings, and therefore shouldn’t be taken lightly by either party, all that being said be safe and have fun.

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