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5 Things To Know Before Booking An Escort Part 1

Whether you are enjoying a short or long duration stay in a different city, or just want some company on the weekend or through the week, calling an escort in London can be a very enjoyable experience for both escort and client. However, because of the sensitive nature of the business, knowing what you’re doing and taking extra precautions can be the difference between an enjoyable service and a terrible experience where you also lose money.


So, let’s get into some of the things you should know before booking yourself a gorgeous London escort.


Be Respectful


First of all, try to avoid being judgmental as much as possible. Many escorts provide this service as a part-time job and also work in offices and study when they aren’t escorting. This should give you an indication that no matter who you hire, you may find yourself judging and thinking you’re better than a future lawyer or doctor, so refrain from looking down on the profession.


Also, escorts are paid, which makes what they do a business and in turn makes them businesswomen, and they deserve the respect you would treat any other businesswoman with. 


Keep Yourself in the Know


Research into what you’re getting yourself into is an activity worthy of your time. Whether you are using an agency to book your Escort in London or you have sought out a private escort who is working without an agency, doing some background research doesn’t hurt. Many websites, agency and independent like to bait people into hiring for example ’Mayfair Escorts‘, using misleading images.


The problem with this is the pictures aren’t always matched to the woman you may end up with, and the Mayfair escort you found yourself drooling over may be far less attractive when you meet. It helps to find out exactly who you’re booking, confirm she is the woman in the pictures and confirm the person you’re speaking to is the same woman you want to book. Often this isn’t applicable to agencies who hire agency staff, in which case it’s always a good idea to look into third-party reviews of the agency.


Hello 🙂


When contacting an agency or an independent escort to book, it’s important to treat the situation like anything else you would be calling for. For example, when booking a hotel or a restaurant, people (in general) tend to speak calmly and clearly; refrain from vulgar and inappropriate language and tend to present themselves as professionally as possible. This is the same when hiring an escort, the agency will judge you on your professionality and attitude.

Vulgar language and a disrespectful demeanour can have you blacklisted with the agency and book an escort could end up near enough impossible for you. Also if you want a real girlfriend experience with an escort treating the situation with respect will garner a better experience for you.


Some agencies may also ask you questions about yourself, don’t be alarmed, this is purely a screening conversation and is there to help put everyone’s minds at ease. It helps the agency know a bit about you and answers a few basic questions about you like what kind of escorts you like, what type of person you are, will the escort be safe with you and will you actually turn up and pay. All these points are contributing factors the agency will take into account when you try to book an escort in London.


Due to the sheer volume of fake bookings, many agencies will ask you to leave a phone number or some way to directly contact you. Since most escorts especially in London, work flexibly with both incall and outcall, it helps to have a way to instantly contact either the agency or the escort.


You can trust me…


When you call an agency or the escort they may go through a rough screening process where additional personal information about you will be requested. The level of information requested can vary depending on the escort or the agency but the bottom line is nobody is hiring an escort without some sort of screening process. This is a verification process necessary for both client and escort safety and this helps the escort know a little bit more about you, and if she feels safer with you, you will have a better experience with her.


Money Money Money


Money is the crux of this entire industry, without the payment nothing will happen which is why it is important to not only confirm the price with the agency and escort but refrain from trying to pay by card or cheque or any other non-tangible form of payment, This is a cash in hand dominated industry and if you want things to go as smoothly as possible paying with cash is the best step to take.


Also, when arriving at an escorts apartment or when she arrives at yours, be sure to have the money ready for her; messing about with payments is never seen as professional. As well as a prompt payment make sure to have the amount agreed upon, or if you can spare it a little extra. Paying a little extra will always benefit you, a nice little surprise like this for your escort will enhance her level of comfort with you and may make the entire experience more enjoyable for you and your escort.


Aside from having the cash ready and paying when you first meet, make sure you never haggle. There is nothing more disrespectful than agreeing with a price and backing out when it comes to payment, or paying someone short of what was agreed. This may get you blacklisted by the agency who may even spread your name and number blacklisting you from other agencies and independent escorts. It’s better to just pay the price agreed or listed.




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