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Is it Worthwhile Being Open 24/7 as a London Escort Agency?

Here is a question that will be useful to escort agencies, as it is a question that requires times and most of all the ability to stay up. That is unless you have a receptionist which in London is a number one thing you’re going to want and need. So is it worthwhile being open all day every day as a London escort agency? Let’s find out.

Get Yourself a Receptionist

Well the first thing you have to consider is how much business you currently get and if it is worth getting a receptionist. If you’re in London however this should be a no brainer as many agencies in London have them. Of course when you’re getting as much business in London you’re going to be covering the costs with ease, not only that but letting someone else handling your phones when you’re busy is always a plus as I can imagine you’re not going to be on the ball 24/7 so to speak.

Double Your Bookings and Money

Our second point is that I used to get calls in very early hours of the morning, which means that being open from dawn till dusk is always a great idea. If you think about it you’ll be doubling your bookings and providing a service that all of your clientele want, so therefore it’s a win win situation for you and your clientele. I’d think that you’d be a very happy individual after making so much money and after this you can always expand your agency and create more London agencies, because you’ll have more money from this endeavour.

Think of Your Clientele

Our final point will definitely peak your interest, because if you think that extra helper and extra money isn’t enough for you to be swayed then think about how many of your clients are going to love to be able to wake up and book one of your gorgeous girls. You can imagine that after a night out some of your regular clientele are going to get in quite early in the morning and want to book from your agency, which in all cases is the best kind of business that you could want and provide for your clients.

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