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Escort-Friendly Restaurants in London

This article is going to concentrate on where I’ve been in London to eat wise, usually these are high end restaurants that have always provided me with the respect I deserve. The reason I’m writing about this is to help you fellow escorts out their choose a few selected restaurants that won’t give you negative comments when you’re with other men a lot, basically they are professional restaurants that only care about the customers concerns at the very moment they walk through those doors. Which is extremely similar to how we escorts operate.

The Wolseley

One of my favourites because of many factors like food, décor and the feeling of the entire restaurant always makes me feel elation when I’m taken to dine here with a client. The Wolseley is definitely one of my top 5 because I always feel at home here, I feel like the modern European food and just the general bright positivity from the staff always makes this restaurant a must with clients. It also is a great place for a bottle of wine if your client is an alcohol adventurist of course.


If you love your French cuisine as much as I do then Frenchie is a must for you and your client. Although not as grandiose as the Wolseley, you and your client will surely enjoy the food mastery that is completed here. With several menus and wine lists you could be here for a while and If you’re with a particularly attractive client then this is definitely a yes place to dine at, they also provide an extensive cocktail menu if you’re a girl with a sweet tooth.

The Ormer

If you’re like me and you love your fish then you’re going to absolutely adore Ormer, as this truly incredible restaurant serves some of the best fish and shellfish that you’re going to find in London. If this hasn’t peaked your interest then you can also appreciate the beauty of the décor of this absolutely supreme restaurant. The staff here are also friendly and attentive to everything that you could possibly ever want.

The Five Fields

Another restaurant that I think is a perfect place for a meal with your client is The Five Fields, here they serve modern British cuisine that uses rare herbs and ingredients to make your meal absolutely perfection. This restaurant is quite pricy but if your client is taking you out here then you can be sure that they have very good taste in women and food, so you can be sure that every second you spend here will be truly exceptional in every single way.

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