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Why Clients Book Mature London Escorts

Today I’m going to be writing about a question that many people in London have, it’s a question that I get asked a lot through my dealings with escort agencies and such as I was once a London escort many years ago. The question being why do people book mature London escorts instead of the younger and in many ways much more attractive escorts like Eastern European escorts and such.

What is a mature London escort?

If you guys are unsure then let me ask and answer the first question being what is a mature London escort? A mature escort is usually a woman that is over 30+ like me (unfortunately) that is an active escort or companion that you can book at any time either independently or from an agency. You can usually find that these ladies might not be as youthful as they used to be, however they will still provide you with an absolutely terrific evening if you’re interested in their companionship for a night.

What makes them so different from other escorts?

Well unlike most girls that are younger, mature escorts have a lot more experience when it comes to the kind of stuff that escorts do in the bedroom. Having years of experience they know exactly how to make a man or woman happy by just a few strokes, this is at the best of days one of the easiest ways to make sure that you’re going to have a night of truly excellent proportions. We’re sure that you’ll become absolutely infatuated with the older but still perfect woman that you have chosen for your evening, as not only does this woman have a lot more experience you can be assured that she is a lot more intelligent and can hold a conversation a lot better than any of the younger generation.

Why you would be making the perfect choice A professional photograph of a mature woman

If our last paragraph didn’t convince you then you can be assured that this will. Most of the older generation have had years to hone their talents making you one of the happiest gentlemen or ladies around. Mature escorts in London are usually women however they can be men as well, it all depends on where you’re looking for them is all. Being a bit mature myself I can assure you that after being in the trade for over 20 years I know how to make my husband smile a lot brighter every day. At the end of the day the saying goes “try everything at least once” and a mature escort is something you need to try, as it provides you with a chance to have an experience that a lot more people in London tend to enjoy a lot.

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People Don’t Necessarily only Book Model London Escorts

In this article I’m going to concentrate on what type of escorts that people book in London because many people think that the best escorts in London are model London escorts but this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact there are many different types of London escorts that are booked that I’m going to go over in this article. So without further ado here are some of the many other types of London escorts that can be booked.

The busty type of London escorts

Well you can kind of guess what I’m going to talk about here. It is of course the busty London escort. All men love big boobs and the busty London escort is the perfect chance to have a girl with absolutely huge boobs, unlike model London escorts these girls usually have bigger boobs at DD and E+ which are considerable huge compared to the slim girls you’ll see when booking models. You’ll find them to be a bit bigger as well but this adds to the beauty of bigger boobs, another addition to their greatness is the fact that they are a lot cheaper in many ways than model London escorts and can provide you with one of the best nights of your life to be sure.

The small much cuter version of London escorts being classed as petite

Of course when I mention the beautiful busty girls I have to mention the gorgeous petite girls. These girls usually are under 5’6 and have a very slim physique which makes them ultimately what I would class as small, however this is perfection for some men. Most men like to date smaller girls and girls taller guys, so this fits hand in hand with many preferences. One of the many things that has to be given to small girls is their ability to make a man happy, as they know all the tricks of the trade and are sure to provide you with a London escort experience you’ll thoroughly adore.

Now onto the European kind of escort

If you live in London and you’re a regular punter then you’ll find that there are an abundance of European London escorts dotting around the city and web in general. I know about how wonderful the aspect of a gorgeous Eastern European girl with all their natural beauty coming over to London to escort must be, now you can enjoy every moment with that absolutely exceptional beauty from the comfort of your own home or at a restaurant in London.

The older and wiser type of escort

The type of escort that I would be classified as now is “mature” which means a woman over 30+ that is an escort. Usually a woman of this calibre has a lot more experience in this industry and can be a true delight to have on a night out, as us girls are known to provide their clientele with a bountiful amount of fun and eroticism to say the least.

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How to Become an Escort in London

Here at Laura London we know escorts and specifically London escorts, so here is probably the most important blog if you’re interested in escorts. This article is going to concentrate on how to become a London escort and all the things in between, like where to best work and more. So without further ado here we go.

How to get started with the escorting industry

If you’re interested in making a load of money in short periods of time (usually cash in hand as well) then you can be assured that this is the best way to do so. Depending on if you have a bit of money behind you, you could always start by becoming an Independent escort in London which is always a sure way to charge an astronomical amount of money. I’ve personally seen some independent sites charge £3000’s just for the first hour of your booking. Now that is some money! Equally if you don’t have much money to start off then you can always join a reputable London escort agency which isn’t as bad as you think it would be, it also in many cases would get you a lot more bookings if they’re quite high in the google rankings.

Going with the Agency

It’s the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to get into escorting. It’s kind of like a modelling portfolio where you send the agency over all of your stats and images, this is an assured way to get into the escorting industry. As mentioned previously you will probably have a lot more bookings from an agency as well, mostly because they usually get their new models up as fast as possible. At the end of the day more bookings for you means more money and you get your name out in the escort industry a lot faster as well.

Starting as an Independent

If you’re starting in a better financial situation then you’ll probably want to start out as an independent escort, because this way you’ll probably get your own website dedicated for you. I know quite a few websites like this and as previously mentioned they do charge a ridiculous amount of money for their bookings and they actually do get bookings from very rich men in all honesty and, they’re going to also give you a lot more time as well making sure that they enjoy every second of their meeting with you. One thing that will benefit you if you choose to be an independent is that you won’t have to pay agency fees, these sometimes can be about 20-30% of what you earn from a booking and if you’re earning £1000’s in one night then this can be a big but to your cash at the end of the day.

very fine dining

Escort-Friendly Restaurants in London

This article is going to concentrate on where I’ve been in London to eat wise, usually these are high end restaurants that have always provided me with the respect I deserve. The reason I’m writing about this is to help you fellow escorts out their choose a few selected restaurants that won’t give you negative comments when you’re with other men a lot, basically they are professional restaurants that only care about the customers concerns at the very moment they walk through those doors. Which is extremely similar to how we escorts operate.

The Wolseley

One of my favourites because of many factors like food, décor and the feeling of the entire restaurant always makes me feel elation when I’m taken to dine here with a client. The Wolseley is definitely one of my top 5 because I always feel at home here, I feel like the modern European food and just the general bright positivity from the staff always makes this restaurant a must with clients. It also is a great place for a bottle of wine if your client is an alcohol adventurist of course.


If you love your French cuisine as much as I do then Frenchie is a must for you and your client. Although not as grandiose as the Wolseley, you and your client will surely enjoy the food mastery that is completed here. With several menus and wine lists you could be here for a while and If you’re with a particularly attractive client then this is definitely a yes place to dine at, they also provide an extensive cocktail menu if you’re a girl with a sweet tooth.

The Ormer

If you’re like me and you love your fish then you’re going to absolutely adore Ormer, as this truly incredible restaurant serves some of the best fish and shellfish that you’re going to find in London. If this hasn’t peaked your interest then you can also appreciate the beauty of the décor of this absolutely supreme restaurant. The staff here are also friendly and attentive to everything that you could possibly ever want.

The Five Fields

Another restaurant that I think is a perfect place for a meal with your client is The Five Fields, here they serve modern British cuisine that uses rare herbs and ingredients to make your meal absolutely perfection. This restaurant is quite pricy but if your client is taking you out here then you can be sure that they have very good taste in women and food, so you can be sure that every second you spend here will be truly exceptional in every single way.

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Is it Worthwhile Being Open 24/7 as a London Escort Agency?

Here is a question that will be useful to escort agencies, as it is a question that requires times and most of all the ability to stay up. That is unless you have a receptionist which in London is a number one thing you’re going to want and need. So is it worthwhile being open all day every day as a London escort agency? Let’s find out.

Get Yourself a Receptionist

Well the first thing you have to consider is how much business you currently get and if it is worth getting a receptionist. If you’re in London however this should be a no brainer as many agencies in London have them. Of course when you’re getting as much business in London you’re going to be covering the costs with ease, not only that but letting someone else handling your phones when you’re busy is always a plus as I can imagine you’re not going to be on the ball 24/7 so to speak.

Double Your Bookings and Money

Our second point is that I used to get calls in very early hours of the morning, which means that being open from dawn till dusk is always a great idea. If you think about it you’ll be doubling your bookings and providing a service that all of your clientele want, so therefore it’s a win win situation for you and your clientele. I’d think that you’d be a very happy individual after making so much money and after this you can always expand your agency and create more London agencies, because you’ll have more money from this endeavour.

Think of Your Clientele

Our final point will definitely peak your interest, because if you think that extra helper and extra money isn’t enough for you to be swayed then think about how many of your clients are going to love to be able to wake up and book one of your gorgeous girls. You can imagine that after a night out some of your regular clientele are going to get in quite early in the morning and want to book from your agency, which in all cases is the best kind of business that you could want and provide for your clients.

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Why do Couples Book Escorts?

This is a question that I’m personally asked a lot, it’s the type of question that is going to take a full article to explain as it’s not as easy as you might think. So here goes ladies and gentlemen, why exactly do couples either married partners or just boyfriend and girlfriend book escorts?

Married Couples

Well for the married couple I think it is a bit of an easier explanation, after a few years I think that a marriage and its sex life can become a bit…well stale. So some married couples book an escort either male or female depending on how you swing of course, to spruce up their sec life with a little bit of fun. Usually the escort you’ve chosen can teach you a few many things to make your evening a bit more enjoyable when he/she has gone. In most cases this kind of meeting usually indicates that the couple needs some enthusiasm from another more experienced human being.

Girlfriend and Boyfriend Scenario

With the case of the girlfriend and boyfriend, it can be similar towards the aforementioned paragraph in the way that it is about just a little bit more of experience to make your night an unforgettable memory. However in some cases it can be different, sometimes they just want someone to watch them have sex as they find it extremely arousing to do so, I can personally understand this as it can be quite the intriguing experience.

A Fetish or Two

Our final reason is something a bit more odd, but understandable as it’s about fetishes. Everyone has their own fetish and some people are similar to our second paragraph and want to have someone watch you have sex but…this is a bit different. Troilism is what it is called and it is the act of one’s partner having sex with someone else(sometimes without their knowledge) that could be just about anyone, it of course all depends on what the receiving person is into and who the other wishes to have sex with. I can say that it can be quite the gruesome experience that can cause issues but this is definitely an experience to say the least.


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How to Provide a Girlfriend Experience

One of the most unexpected but most asked for services that I provided in my time as an escort was a Girlfriend experience which is exactly what you think it means. Unfortunately to provide this service you have to be a female because if you a guy it would be a boyfriend experience, funnily enough both of these services can provide completely different things. So here is a short write up on how to provide one of the best Girlfriend experiences that you could ever wish to have on a night out.

The ultimate GFE from me

So one of the first characteristics is constantly wanting to tease the client that you are visiting, this means with gentle strokes of the body and light kisses and maybe even some hand holding, especially in public. When you’re at his place or hotel room you’ll want to act exactly how you would have done with any guy you’ve ever been interested in and tell him how handsome he is basically, compliment him, make him feel strong. This is how the best way to start an excellent Girlfriend Experience is accomplished.

Make him feel incredible girls

Now we come to the more intimate side of the Girlfriend Experience, this is where kissing, stroking and generally making him feel comfortable around you becomes a lot more intense. You’re going to want to entice him with every single part of your body that you physically can, make him feel like the man and that you want him more than anything that anyone has ever provided him before. Give him the appreciation that he deserves with every stroke of his skin and every kiss that you give him, as you’ll want to make him feel like he is on top of the world and no one can bring him down from his high status.

Finish the way you want to

After you’ve done all that has been mentioned previously then you can get to the more erotic stuff and here is where it’s up to both of you, we’ll leave our suggestions on a pause for this as we like to think that you can both be imaginative enough to give each other the best ending to a truly phenomenal night.

Dinner Dating

My Experience and Advice as a Dinner Date Escort.

As an ex-escort in London, I wanted to share with you my experience and advice as a dinner date escort. Throughout my time as a London escort, I have had the opportunity to dine in many of the city’s finest restaurants alongside all kinds of characters. From my experience, I feel I am able to give you some helpful advice for those who are interested in becoming a dinner date escort in London.

Laura’s Advice: To Escorts.

There are all kinds of benefits to becoming a London escort, however, to become one of the ladies who an agency can rely on for dinner dates, you will need a selection of skills. To name a few, you must be comfortable in all kinds of situations; confident, reliable, talkative and engaging. The advice that I wish I knew when I started, would be to focus on building a relationship with your client during your dinner date together.

It’s important you take time to listen and get to know your client even if all you are meeting for is a couple of hours, show appreciation because it takes courage to meet with a complete stranger for a dinner date. Throughout my experience, I got to meet all kinds of gentlemen who treated me to dinner dates at some of the most luxurious restaurants in the capital city.

Laura’s Advice: To Clients.

image of fine diningTo give you an example of a personal favourite restaurant I have visited I would without a doubt recommend Five Fields which is one of the Michelin starred restaurants in the capital city. This is a spectacular fine-dining experience that I would recommend to anybody wanting to book a dinner date escort.

My advice for those clients on taking an escort in London on a dinner date would be to eat somewhere that you actually want to visit. I would always recommend visiting a restaurant you like for your booking with a London escort, rather than visiting somewhere completely new and out of your comfort zone. There is no doubt that whatever venue you visit for a booking, your escort will appreciate all the time you have put in and the effort you have done.

Don’t just take it from me, I asked some of the ladies from Crush Escorts who specialise in dinner date bookings and they were able to give some excellent advice. Of course, they have their favourite restaurants however the best dinner dates from their experience are with clients who know where they want to visit. Another piece of advice the girls from Crush Escorts gave me is if you are unsure of who to book your dinner date is to ask the receptionist.

Knowing the girls very well, receptionists from top agencies in London such as Crush Escorts tend to be the most helpful. They can help you by giving recommendations based on what you are looking for so that you can have a sensational dinner date with exceptional company.

Love, Laura London xxx

Most Popular Fetish Requests

Today Laura will discuss the most popular fetish requests in London, what you can expect and just why they are so popular.

To gather our data, we used the Google Keyword Planner to see the volume of searches each of the following queries gets each month. These search queries include:

  • Anal Training
  • Booty Worship
  • Breath Play
  • Butt Drops
  • Electric Fetish
  • Face Slapping
  • Fantasy Fetish
  • Foot Worship
  • Humiliation
  • Mummification
  • Orgasm Control
  • Smoking Fetish
  • Strap On Play
  • Watersports
  • Domination

Whilst there are hundreds of fetishes out there, we chose the following “hard-core services” as we were interested to find out how many searches some of the more controversial activities get.

As an escort in London, you may know what your limits are (in the bedroom), but you may not know how many people are actually looking for that service. This graph should help you to see which of the hardcore London escort services are in highest demand to help you better plan the way in which you market yourself as an independent/agency escort.