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How to Provide a Girlfriend Experience

One of the most unexpected but most asked for services that I provided in my time as an escort was a Girlfriend experience which is exactly what you think it means. Unfortunately to provide this service you have to be a female because if you a guy it would be a boyfriend experience, funnily enough both of these services can provide completely different things. So here is a short write up on how to provide one of the best Girlfriend experiences that you could ever wish to have on a night out.

The ultimate GFE from me

So one of the first characteristics is constantly wanting to tease the client that you are visiting, this means with gentle strokes of the body and light kisses and maybe even some hand holding, especially in public. When you’re at his place or hotel room you’ll want to act exactly how you would have done with any guy you’ve ever been interested in and tell him how handsome he is basically, compliment him, make him feel strong. This is how the best way to start an excellent Girlfriend Experience is accomplished.

Make him feel incredible girls

Now we come to the more intimate side of the Girlfriend Experience, this is where kissing, stroking and generally making him feel comfortable around you becomes a lot more intense. You’re going to want to entice him with every single part of your body that you physically can, make him feel like the man and that you want him more than anything that anyone has ever provided him before. Give him the appreciation that he deserves with every stroke of his skin and every kiss that you give him, as you’ll want to make him feel like he is on top of the world and no one can bring him down from his high status.

Finish the way you want to

After you’ve done all that has been mentioned previously then you can get to the more erotic stuff and here is where it’s up to both of you, we’ll leave our suggestions on a pause for this as we like to think that you can both be imaginative enough to give each other the best ending to a truly phenomenal night.

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