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People Don’t Necessarily only Book Model London Escorts

In this article I’m going to concentrate on what type of escorts that people book in London because many people think that the best escorts in London are model London escorts but this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact there are many different types of London escorts that are booked that I’m going to go over in this article. So without further ado here are some of the many other types of London escorts that can be booked.

The busty type of London escorts

Well you can kind of guess what I’m going to talk about here. It is of course the busty London escort. All men love big boobs and the busty London escort is the perfect chance to have a girl with absolutely huge boobs, unlike model London escorts these girls usually have bigger boobs at DD and E+ which are considerable huge compared to the slim girls you’ll see when booking models. You’ll find them to be a bit bigger as well but this adds to the beauty of bigger boobs, another addition to their greatness is the fact that they are a lot cheaper in many ways than model London escorts and can provide you with one of the best nights of your life to be sure.

The small much cuter version of London escorts being classed as petite

Of course when I mention the beautiful busty girls I have to mention the gorgeous petite girls. These girls usually are under 5’6 and have a very slim physique which makes them ultimately what I would class as small, however this is perfection for some men. Most men like to date smaller girls and girls taller guys, so this fits hand in hand with many preferences. One of the many things that has to be given to small girls is their ability to make a man happy, as they know all the tricks of the trade and are sure to provide you with a London escort experience you’ll thoroughly adore.

Now onto the European kind of escort

If you live in London and you’re a regular punter then you’ll find that there are an abundance of European London escorts dotting around the city and web in general. I know about how wonderful the aspect of a gorgeous Eastern European girl with all their natural beauty coming over to London to escort must be, now you can enjoy every moment with that absolutely exceptional beauty from the comfort of your own home or at a restaurant in London.

The older and wiser type of escort

The type of escort that I would be classified as now is “mature” which means a woman over 30+ that is an escort. Usually a woman of this calibre has a lot more experience in this industry and can be a true delight to have on a night out, as us girls are known to provide their clientele with a bountiful amount of fun and eroticism to say the least.

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