Tips On How To Behave When Using Escorts

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Tips On How To Behave When Using Escorts

The way you behave with a London Escort shouldn’t be any different to the way you would ideally treat any other beautiful woman in your company. In other words, you should be polite, courteous and show her respect. Do this and she will reciprocate ie be friendly and willing to please in return. And obviously, treating your escort well means you will get a much better service and more enjoyment in return.


  • Booking your escort

If you’re booking one of our lovely ladies by phone then it pays to be polite. We won’t entertain anyone who is rude, vulgar or who swears a lot on the other end of the line. If you’re like that when booking, what would you be like with one of our lovely lady escorts? As a result, we wouldn’t be interested in taking your booking; we have to protect our beautiful escorts too, after all. Certainly, it’s one of the reasons why they choose to work with us in the first place.
Paying for your escort

It is always best to get the whole ‘awkwardness with money’ out of the way right at the start of your escort encounter. Hand her the cash she asked for, in an envelope, discreetly or leave it somewhere in her apartment she’s requested you to ie on a dressing table. Never try and haggle the price – that’s rude and will make for an uncomfortable encounter. It’ll also give you a bad reputation within the locale (escorts do talk to another, after all).

  • Consider taking your escort a gift

Just as you would turn up at a girlfriend’s with a bottle of wine or bunch of flowers, show your escort the same courtesy. Honestly, she’ll appreciate you for your thoughtfulness and is definitely more likely to agree to a second meeting. At that point, your gifts could become a little more personable, such as luxury lingerie or even jewellery. What women doesn’t like to appreciate in such a manner?!

  • Turn up in a ‘decent’ state

Turning up drunk to any meeting is off-putting for the other person/people – never mind an encounter with your escort. By the same token, personal hygiene should be excellent. This means you should have recently showered and are wearing clean clothing for your date. We’re assuming you expect your escort to be immaculately dressed and made-up and she – very reasonably, we reckon – expects you to put in the effort too.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have a drink with your escort during your encounter. If you do though – again, don’t go overboard; maybe just have one or two to loosen you up and take away any initial nerves you might be suffering.

  • Let her take the lead

Your escort will want to let you know you if you’re meeting for the first time. This means she’ll want to chat with you and exchange information. She certainly won’t be getting ‘down and dirty’ as they say the minute you walk through the door.

If you would like to go more in-depth on how you should behave when using escorts, I recommend you check out the article on AJ London Escorts titled “How you should behave when using escorts”, this is where I got the idea from originally to blog about.

Love, Laura London xxx

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