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Top 4 International Escort Locations

Today I’m going to write about where I have visited in the world and where I have had my most wondrous experiences with clients. These are the type of holidays which my clients have paid for and I have gone to see them for a weekend or more. Without further ado, read more to find out more about the best places I went to and how the experience of being an escort was back in those days.



I visited a client here in 1997, the flight took a day and a bit and I was met him at the airport in Toronto by my client who took me out to lunch at the Rooster coffee bar which was absolutely lovely. Later on, we took a drive around the city and then eventually went to his place for the night… I won’t go into great detail about what happened, but I can tell you that it was one of the best holidays I’d ever had. After the wonderful day I had, he made me a regular Canadian breakfast consisting of pancakes with bacon and maple syrup which was truly exceptional.

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Although you might not think of it as a great holiday destination, in the summer it’s quite a gorgeous country. When I landed in Belgrade I took a taxi to my clients’ place; we had a great time and then he took me out for dinner at the Ambar restaurant which was an utter delight (not to mention that my client was quite attractive and muscular). You should definitely visit here with a client if you can as it is truly superb in every single way.



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A truly wonderful country that I must admit is one of the best I’ve visited as I even took a holiday here without meeting a client. Everything here seemed very pricey but with this being said you’ll have a great time, especially since most the clients that live here are super rich and will give you pretty much anything you wish for. Be prepared for yacht parties, lots of alcohol and great Mediterranean food. The client I went to see owned his own yacht and let me tell you that I had an absolute ball with him and all of his friends.



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This country was so beautiful that I’m annoyed at myself for not going back, the client that I met was quite well off and his house was fantastic. We met up in Chisinau and we had a gorgeous evening meal at La Sarkis to which I enjoyed. After this, I went to his outrageously gorgeous house which was truly a delight to be in. Sufficed to say, it was a little cold as it was nearing winter but it was still an amazing place and one day I’d love to explore Moldava again, the only problem is finding the best time and place to go.


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